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Grammar Lessons

We've covered a lot in our grammar lessons this year. Please note that we are learning communicative grammar on this website. Here are the lessons:

Issue 016 - CAUSE and EFFECT

Issue 017 - Comparison of Adjectives

Issue 019 - Comparison of Adverbs

Issue 020 - Special Cases of Comparison

Issue 021 - Comparison Clauses vs. Comparison Phrases

Issue 022 - Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Meaning

Issue 023 - Expressions of Frequency

Issue 024 - Using Grammar for Speaking/Writing

Issue 025 - Linking Signals and their Functions [1]

Issue 026 - Linking Signals and their Functions [2]

Issue 027 - Linking Signals and their Functions [3]

Issue 028 - Linking Sentences [1] (Types of linking)

Issue 029 - Linking Sentences [2] (Time, cause/reason/result)

Issue 030 - Linking Sentences [3] (Conditions)

Issue 031 - Linking Sentences [4] (Additions)

Issue 032 - Relative Clauses

Issue 033 - Grammar with Fun!

Issue 034 - Participle and Verbless Clauses

Issue 035 - Cross-Reference and Omission

Issue 036 - Presenting and Focusing Information

Issue 037 - Pieces of Information

Issue 038 - Dividing Messages into Tone Units

Issue 039 - Expressing Moods, Emotions and Attitude

Issue 040 - Stress on Emotions in Communication

Issue 041 - Emphatic ‘So’ and ‘Such’

Issue 042 - Emphasising Emotions in Speech

Issue 043 - Intensifying Adverbs and Modifiers

Issue 044 - Intensification of Questions and Negatives

Issue 045 - Exclamatory and Rhetorical Questions

Issue 046 - Describing Emotions

Issue 047 - Liking and Disliking

Issue 048 - Expressing Preference

Issue 049 - Expressing Hope

Issue 050 - Expressing Degree

Issue 051 - Phrasal Verbs

Issue 052 - Expressing Addition

Issue 053 - Expressing Exception

Issue 054 - Expressing Restriction

Issue 055 - Expressing Ambiguity

Issue 056 - The Subject of a Discussion

Issue 057 - The 13 Gremlins of Grammar

Issue 058 - Practising with Likes and Dislikes

Issue 059 - Practising with Frequency Adverbs [1]

Issue 060 - Practising with Frequency Adverbs [2]

Issue 061 - The Concept of 'Cause and Effect'

Issue 062 - Linking Signals [Making a new start or transition]

Issue 063 - Linking Signals for a Fluent Speech [2]

Issue 064 - Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Issue 065 - Relative Clauses

Issue 066 - A well-deserved break

Issue 067 - Comparison

Issue 068 - Comparison of Adverbs

Issue 069 -Comparison Practice

Issue 070 -Special Cases of Comparison

Issue 071 - Comparison Clauses

Issue 072 - Intensifying Adverbs and Modifiers

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Our lessons in the names and sounds of letters, short & long vowel sounds, CVCs, CCVCs, CVCCs, sight words, vowel and consonant contrasts, etc.


Our lessons will help increase your vocabulary, word recognition, find meaning in context, skills for TOEFL tests and other games, for fun.


Here we shall build some lessons to help you improve your writing skills.


Lots of lessons: cause & effect, comparisons, linking signals, relative clauses, presenting information, expressing emotions and grammar games, of course. We had more lessons on: intensifying adverbs and phrasal verbs, expressing various concepts such as addition, exception, restriction and ambiguity. Lately we started some exercises: likes/dislikes, frequency adverbs (twice), verb tenses, etc.

Website Building

Learn how to build a website, by using the SBI! system - start from the basics, developing a site concept and a niche, supply and demand, learn about profitability and monetization, payment processing, register domain, website structure and content as a pyramid. Also learn about the tools I'm using to build this website. We also covered how to build traffic, working with search engines, building a good system of inbound links, using social marketing and blogs with the SBI system, how to use Socialize It and Form Build It, how to publish an e-zine and how to build a social network in your niche

Our Weekly Game

We looked at a few games by now: Countable & uncountable nouns, Free Rice, Name That Thing, Spell It, Spelloween, the Phrasal Verbs Game, Preposition Desert, The Sentence Game, Word Confusion, Word Wangling, Buzzing Bees, and The Verb Viper Game.

Be prepared to play and learn  more pretty soon.