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English for Children

Our section of English for children will be based on the learning, singing, playing and otherwise interactive activities on various more advanced websites. Here you will find advice and guidance on how to use the activities and a link to the respective website.

Because there are a multitude of online resources for teaching English to children, updating this page will be a long, arduous but fun process. Please post your comments as and when you use the materials and let us know how you find these. Share your experiences with other readers, including suggestions on other resources you know of and we could use here.

The British Council Website for Children

I would recommend this fabulous website to teachers of English as well as parents alike. Learning English via this medium is both fun and instructive and... it's worldwide! There are kids all over the world writing in comments and making friends from that early stage in life.

  • You can spend hours on fun reading and watching online stories with your child;
  • You can inspire your youngsters with fun word games in English;
  • There are lots of free printable crafts in the Little kids crafts section;
  • Your children can sing along the songs in the Little kids songs section;
  • And, of course, there are lots of fun online games in English for very young learners;
  • Once your child is mature enough to start learning systematically, there are plenty of reading and writing activities. Spelling and speaking are also presented as fun;
  • Grammar is not forgotten! Instead, it is turn into grammar videos, games and worksheets for learning in an enjoyable way.

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Our Archives:


Our lessons in the names and sounds of letters, short & long vowel sounds, CVCs, CCVCs, CVCCs, sight words, vowel and consonant contrasts, etc.


Our lessons will help increase your vocabulary, word recognition, find meaning in context, skills for TOEFL tests and other games, for fun.


Here we shall build some lessons to help you improve your writing skills.


Lots of lessons: cause & effect, comparisons, linking signals, relative clauses, presenting information, expressing emotions and grammar games, of course. We had more lessons on: intensifying adverbs and phrasal verbs, expressing various concepts such as addition, exception, restriction and ambiguity. Lately we started some exercises: likes/dislikes, frequency adverbs (twice), verb tenses, etc.

Website Building

Learn how to build a website, by using the SBI! system - start from the basics, developing a site concept and a niche, supply and demand, learn about profitability and monetization, payment processing, register domain, website structure and content as a pyramid. Also learn about the tools I'm using to build this website. We also covered how to build traffic, working with search engines, building a good system of inbound links, using social marketing and blogs with the SBI system, how to use Socialize It and Form Build It, how to publish an e-zine and how to build a social network in your niche

Our Weekly Game

We looked at a few games by now: Countable & uncountable nouns, Free Rice, Name That Thing, Spell It, Spelloween, the Phrasal Verbs Game, Preposition Desert, The Sentence Game, Word Confusion, Word Wangling, Buzzing Bees, and The Verb Viper Game.

Be prepared to play and learn  more pretty soon.