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Welcome to Your Very Own English Conversation Club!

I am starting My English Club as an online resource of learning and teaching materials, aimed at everybody who's interested in the subject. Children, adults, students and teachers should benefit alike from the pages of this website. It should satisfy a diversity of needs, from learning and practicing English (seriously or by playing), to teaching and working with English, be it as a tutor, translator or interpreter.

It looks like a big project and, indeed it is! However, with love for English, dedication and many hours of hard work, it will be possible to enjoy together a growing online community of people who want to use and improve their English in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere. Ready? Join My English Club, make it your club!

My secrets to learning a foreign language

Well, once you start, keep at it ~ constancy is my first secret. Daily practice is the right way.

You may call my second secret fluidity of the brain ~ let your mind flow with it undisturbed.

New E-zine!

We're starting our weekly Communicative Grammar E-zine in January 2013.

It will be sent to subscribers on Mondays.

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