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Issue #058 -- Week 14/06/15-20/06/15
June 23, 2015

Greetings and General Information

A warm welcome to our new subscribers and well done Alexander, from Denmark! I wish you will find My English Club fun and instructive and I look forward to welcome you as a new valued member soon. Read, learn and communicate around the world!

Please feel free to contribute to these pages when you have a minute. They are meant to be a platform for exchanging ideas, stories and opinions - an ideal medium for practicing your English, which should be used to the full. Together, let's bring it alive, let's make it the welcoming community you wished for, when you joined. Use the Comments facility at the end of every page and start making friends worldwide.

You and your friends can always subscribe individually through the form on My English Club If anybody mentions to you that they are interested in receiving it, please tell them this, with thanks. Also, they can read the previous issues on Back Issues for English Corner E-zine. Of course, you can also unsubscribe at any point, by using the link at the end of any issue of the e-zine, should you wish.

Month 11 ~ Lesson 42

We started studying three subjects back in September 2014: pronunciation and grammar for improving your communication skills, as well as website design and development, for those advanced students of ours who would like to apply their English to building a business online.

Once we covered the basics of pronunciation, we started a new course in reading, which we finished last month (March 2015). Following some recent requests, we started a section on educational games, to add the fun into your learning. I do hope you like these.

Until I'll have the time to write my e-books from these courses, you can enjoy our past lessons for free, as follows:

Pronunciation Lessons

Reading Lessons

Grammar Lessons

Website Design Lessons

Weekly Games

Grammar ~ Practicing with Likes and Dislikes

We are now starting to practice the lessons from our past e-zines. I'm going to prepare a separate page on this website for each concept, and include some exercises for you to practice with.

The first page is Liking and disliking I hope you find it useful.

Website Design ~ Using Form Build It!

We talked about Blog It! last time, which is one way to deepen PREselling. Form Build It! (FBI!) is a powerful and flexible way to do more of this, by providing more Backup Response options.

Forms are an easy way to communicate and interact with your visitors and customers. They take your PREselling efforts to the next relationship level. Whenever a visitor fills in a form, s/he is making a connection with you.

We are taught in the SBI system to always use a contact form rather than an email link on our pages. If we do this, and avoid signing up for spammy services (a common trick to lure your address), we can avoid 99.9999% of all spam email, which we are also avoiding to do to others.

SBI!'s integrated Form Build It! (FBI!) functionality enables you to create contact forms as well as...
• custom forms
• surveys or polls
• registration and reservation forms.

The tool is receipt-enabled, which is what you need if you are using the finder's fee/referral monetization model. Forms are great lead generators.

Deliver a Course by Email

A multi-mailing e-course, for example, is an excellent way to build a relationship with your visitors. You can either create new content for it or re-package what you already have on your site.

You can divide your course into a certain number of instalments and send out one per day. Visitors receive repeated exposure to your valuable and relevant information and this, in turn, warms them up to the idea of visiting and revisiting your site.

Note: FBI! is not for collecting email addresses for an e-zine or newsletter. Whether you want to generate a new income stream, conduct a survey, create a series of sequential autoresponder messages, or simply collect feedback from your visitors, FBI! has an important role to play and it is easy to use.

Game of the Week ~ Word Wangling

Now, I found an interesting game for you, on the same British Council website - Learn English, which we enjoyed before. This time it's Word Wangling which is a collection of 8 games to help with your vocabulary.

We shall look at each one of them here and I'll show you how to solve the puzzles, by using up the first question in each. Then you will have to finish the rest of them yourselves.

But what exactly is 'wangling'? Let's discover it together:

So let's start with the stem words. A 'stem' is a part of a word, as a general definition, but a 'stem' is also the part of a plant that sustains the flower.

In this case, our stem word is 'car', so we shall have to guess each of the words on the left (their definitions of the right) and they all begin with 'car'. You can have a clue

Oops - I've done the last one in this game, but nevermind... So, a floor covering starting with 'car' and containing the letters t, e, and p at the end... that would be 'carpet', right?

You do the rest of them when you have a minute and let's look at the second game here. It's about finding the missing word:

You see, each of these words, 'arm', 'lift' and 'wheel' is missing another word, together with which they form another word with a totally different meaning. The missing word is always the same, and you can have a guess from the given clue, if you don't know it straight away:

I bet you guessed it: 'chair' would give you 'armchair', 'liftchair' and 'wheelchair' - look:

You do the rest at your leisure. Now let's look at the next choice of words - the one about the vowel thief:

OK, you've got the idea, I suppose. So, what is 'f _ m _ _ s'?

Of course! Now you have 6 more to do!

The next game is about word mates. Now, 'mates' means friends, so you can have the words 'classmates', meaning colleagues and you can also introduce somebody as "This is my mate, Freddy." for example.

In our game we have two words that link together, to make a new word altogether. For example we linked 'ear' with 'lobe', which was in the middle in the row with word choices. This game doesn't allow you to check your words for accuracy - it just won't allow an incorrect combination of words to be formed. You do the rest of them now.

The next game is on anagrams, which is a combination of letters which means something, which you have to rearrange in a different order, for them to mean something else:

What could it be - a word of 8 letters, the last one 's' and the rest of them given above?

Right - a waitress. That only leaves you with a couple of words to do.

The next game is 'turn around':

Do you need a clue? You get the letters you need to arrange in two different words:

Here you have to find the word for the first definition, to put into the first box on the right. Then you will change the order of the letters in that word, to give you the word for the second definition, for you to fill in the second box on the right.

Two more for you to guess...

The next game is a choice of the correct word out of a few that sound similar, but mean different things - remember the 'homophones'?

So, which/witch one will it be for the first sentence? I hope you know what a witch is - if you don't, look it up!

And last, but not least, we have a game in which you will need to choose either the verb 'to get' or 'to have' as being the correct one for the given expressions:

You get the gist of this one as well, right? Now these are what we call phrasal verbs and you need to know what they mean as an expression, not just as separate verbs. Try the first one:

Right, now it's up to you to do the rest of them & I hope you enjoy getting the blue ticks in turn.

OK, once you played all of these, you will realize the kind of exercises they are. These will appear in language development tests from the beginner level, up to the intermediate and even advanced, so it is actually useful to know how to play them and indeed, to know the words correctly for whenever you need them in tests, exams or mere conversations.

Well then, enjoy playing the Word Wangling game :-D

This Is It, Folks!

I hope you find this information useful and not too confusing. Even though you're at the stage of building on it, have patience at this point in your learning and you'll be able to reap the fruit of your work later on, whichever aspect of our lessons you are concentrating on.

Please feel free to comment and suggest your ideas by replying to this email - I look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to chat either with me or with other members worldwide, go to My English Club .

Everybody, have a great summer holiday and a good week ahead, those who need to keep working for now!
All the best from me, until next time,

Lucia da Vinci

Founder of My English Club

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