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Issue #061 -- Week 05/07/15-11/07/15
July 14, 2015

Greetings and General Information

A warm welcome to our new subscribers! I wish you will find My English Club fun and instructive and I look forward to welcome you as a new valued member soon. Read, learn and communicate around the world!

Please feel free to contribute to these pages when you have a minute. They are meant to be a platform for exchanging ideas, stories and opinions - an ideal medium for practicing your English, which should be used to the full. Together, let's bring it alive, let's make it the welcoming community you wished for, when you joined. Use the Comments facility at the end of every page and start making friends worldwide.

You and your friends can always subscribe individually through the form on My English Club If anybody mentions to you that they are interested in receiving it, please tell them this, with thanks. Also, they can read the previous issues on Back Issues for English Corner E-zine. Of course, you can also unsubscribe at any point, by using the link at the end of any issue of the e-zine, should you wish.

Now, I am fortunate to be able to send you this issue a in time today. However... given my intensive travelling since our last e-zine, you will have to excuse my inability to create a new grammar lesson for you today. Shall we all take a little break this week, from learning English grammar?

Well, without further ado, let's start our other lessons today.

Month 12 ~ Lesson 45

We started studying three subjects back in September 2014: pronunciation and grammar for improving your communication skills, as well as website design and development, for those advanced students of ours who would like to apply their English to building a business online.

Once we covered the basics of pronunciation, we started a new course in reading, which we finished last month (March 2015). Following some recent requests, we started a section on educational games, to add the fun into your learning. I do hope you like these.

Until I'll have the time to write my e-books from these courses, you can enjoy our past lessons for free, as follows:

Pronunciation Lessons

Reading Lessons

Grammar Lessons

Website Design Lessons

Weekly Games

Grammar ~ The Concept of 'Cause and Effect'

To start with, let me clear a previous debt - I have edited your exercises for the Frequency Adverbs , which I couldn't publish for last week due to intensive travelling. This is just a start. Treat everything we do during this year as a skeleton onto which we shall build more and more muscle, for you to grow stronger and stronger in your communication.

This week, we have another concept which we discussed previously - the Cause and Effect topic, which is a crucial topic for your essays, once you start studying English for reading and writing as we did during the last academic year. About 48% of my class failed, for not being able to master this topic satisfactorily, in parallel to other failing aspects, which is not our concern right now.

I was glad to see those students pass at a later stage, one by one and I wish you the best of luck in your academic studies next year.

So, go right ahead and check out our Cause and Effect page here.

Website Design ~ Analysing your Traffic

To start with, you don’t know much about traffic, except that your visitors have an interest in your content. Yes, right, but… what do you need to know? Much less than you might think, and we'll learn about that today.

Think of traffic as being a two-direction event. Every visitor comes into your site. And every visitor, sooner or later, leaves. After all, no one stays on one site forever.

1) Traffic is coming into your site (from all your traffic-building efforts), much of it naturally (some call this "organically") as the result of a keyword search in a search engine. But there are many other ways to attract traffic, so it's important to understand and monitor your traffic sources and referrals. Search engine traffic itself is easily tracked (we shall consider this in our next issue).

2) Traffic is also leaving your content pages. Hopefully, these visitors are clicking on a link (or filling in a form, or subscribing to your e-zine, etc., before they leave) and not just closing your browser window. A closed window with no action taken by the visitor does you no good. So... focus on "getting the click" to the page's Most Wanted Response or a backup response. You will reap the rewards -- happy first time visitors, satisfied customers, and returning visitors who want more of your great content.

Remember Business 101... it costs you expenses (time and money) to generate your incoming traffic. Your outgoing traffic should generate income.

Income less Expenses = Profits

As an entrepreneur, you understand that, at first, you invest substantial time for small rewards. As your site builds, however, the reverse happens... profits increase while time expenses decrease.

Your bottom line goal is to maximize profits wherever you are in your business cycle (planning, start-up, growing or mature).

How do you analyse traffic on your website?

Clicking on Traffic Stats in the Site Central's TrafficCenter takes you to a page that summarizes your traffic stats on a month-by-month basis. Clicking on any "monthly text link" drills you down to detailed traffic data about your site for that month.

The key to visitor data is to simplify. Here's what you need to know in order to improve your traffic...

Summary Stats reports the average number of visits, visitors, and pages viewed per day, as well as the totals for the month. Here's what those terms mean...

Visits -- the number of visits to your site

Visitors -- the number of unique people who visit your site (ex., a visitor could account for 10 visits in a month)

Pages -- the number of pages viewed by all the visitors during all the visits

By comparing the monthly data, you should be able to see steady growth in your site's overall traffic. If not, the "patient" needs a good dose of traffic -building medicine.

This is how my website has been doing during the year to-date. I'm sure you'll be in those numbers somewhere... for which, let me extend my thanks for visiting here and an invitation to visit again soon :-D

Game of the Week ~ The Word Winder Game

Today I shall invite you to try your hand at the Word Winder game, another funny one that I found for you this week, in the word games and quizzes section of the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

You need to find the letter of the word you are asked to find, by the clues given in each case. The clues will be an arrow, showing you in which direction you need to look for it and the number of letters the word has.

Each word you are asked to find on the grid has its definition underneath the boxes in which the letters you click on the grid will appear automatically, if you click the correct ones.

You’ll see that the words will not only be straight horizontal or vertical, they will also wind around each other, like the branches of a climbing plant - hence the name of the game.

What makes it more difficult is that the words you have found previously will remain highlighted on the grid, thus tricking your perception and losing you time during the game.

Once you've found all the necessary words, you'll be cheered and celebrated by balloons and confetti bursting onto the screen. Good fun!

At the end, you'll get to your congratulations page, where you'll have some statistics regarding your timing and the penalties you've accumulated, if you asked for more clues than initially given...

The game designers, Crosswinder, are even offering a board game, the puzzle book and the app in a complete kit, for you to repeat the fun at your own leisure. I recommend it daily, for an ever increasing vocabulary.

Go ahead now, enjoy playing the Word Winder game :-D

This Is It, Folks!

I hope you find this information useful and not too confusing. Even though you're at the stage of building on it, have patience at this point in your learning and you'll be able to reap the fruit of your work later on, whichever aspect of our lessons you are concentrating on.

Please feel free to comment and suggest your ideas by replying to this email - I look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to chat either with me or with other members worldwide, go to My English Club .

Everybody, have a great summer holiday and a good week ahead, those of you who need to keep working for now!

All the best from me, until next time,

Lucia da Vinci

Founder of My English Club

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