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It would be nice and more friendly if you, the members could 'flesh out' this worldwide membership structure. We need more pictures on this page, please. We can then add pages, to include your stories and share experiences and who knows, one day you'll be visiting each other on vacation! Let's all make a conscious effort in talking more to each other.

This is who we are, in My English Club so far:

Eight members joined in May 2014, starting with Tracy from China, right on May Day. She’s my student in the Yuarong Web Centre, at BI level at that time, but I expect she’s progressed since then, making her an advanced student. Of course she is, since she is a keen learner – she uses all her time available studying English, which she needs for work and pleasure, including travelling. I hope you managed to change that job, Tracy, with one that you find really fulfilling!

Jessie is an intermediate student of mine, but she must be more advanced now - please write in Jessie and tell us about your progess. She lives in China and she studies for pleasure, but she also has to pass an exam – I hope it went well, Jessie! I’m sure it did, as you’re studying all the time available to you.

Aner also lives in China and is an intermediate student at Web in Time Square, Suzhou, who learns for work and pleasure, like travelling and for finding a pen pal or possibly start a website. A little time daily can soon accrue to 4-5 hours per week. Come on, Aner – make my day! Be the first one to start a pen pal movement in this Club, could you?

Helin comes from Azerbaijan and she wants to improve her skills of reading and speaking in English. She’s intermediate and needs English for work. Putting in 2-3 hours a week won’t take you a long way, but if you can increase this, you can certainly advance faster.

Jet is from China and he has learned English for more than 2 years. His dream is to start speaking it fluently. He needs English for work and, as an intermediate student, he dedicates 2-3 hours per week, but he’d rather prefer to improve day by day. Go for it, Jet – I know you can do it!

Corrine, an intermediate learner, is also from China and she hopes to speak English just as fluently as she speaks her mother tongue. She has a little time daily, which is great and she studies English for work as well as for pleasure, like travelling and meeting people.

Dale is an engineer in a German company based in China. He’s interested in worldwide news, in order to understand how the world changes day by day. This will help him open his mind to some great opportunities in the future. Already at an advanced level, he’s got everything working for him, especially he’s putting in more than 4-5 hours per week. Work and pleasure motivate him to keep going. Dale, all the best to you and please write in to tell us how you’re getting on.

Joan, from China, is one of my beginner students at Web, but I’m sure she’s at least intermediate by now. She works in electronics trading and she needs English for work, but pleasure is also a motivator for her. Studying 2-3 hours per week may be a little low, but perhaps you could find some time to write in a story or two about yourself – let’s see if we can find you a pen pal somewhere in the world…

The full moon lunar eclipse on April 15 2014 brought us Anjli from India – welcome Anjli and I hope you’ll find this website helpful. She is a student, a beginner in English and she studies a little but daily, mainly for work purposes.

Just a couple of days ago (still April 2014), Dilek joined us from Turkey. He's an advanced level student in the English Language Teaching Department at Yeditepe University - Istanbul. This is brilliant Dilek! Let’s see if we could form a link for our students to communicate directly and finally use their spoken English.

Both Jim and Hu Tingting joined us in April 2014, from China, in their quest to improve their English and their life in general. They are both intermediate students studying English for 4-5 hours per week, mainly for working purposes. What is your line of work? Let me welcome you to the Club and I wish this place proves to be useful for you in the near future.

Eric is another friend of us from China, who works at his English both for work and for pleasure. He’s got 2-3 hours per week, which is not much, but he’s reached intermediate level. Well done Eric, keep up the good work!  

Our new Algerian member is Zenati, who is ever so grateful for having the learning resource of this English Club. At an intermediate level, he’s got all the time in the world to improve his English for travelling purposes.

Another friend from TurkeyEyup is a very keen beginner, who’s interested in learning English both for work and pleasure. He’s working in tourism, so English is very important to him.

Welcome to the Club and I hope you would find it comfortable enough to write to other members of this community.

Ahmed is a 27 years old beginner and lives in Uganda. He’s very happy to join our club and he’s looking for ways to improve his spoken English – he’d like to speak it like a native. He keeps studying English, he’s better at reading and writing, but he can’t speak it. He has a little time daily and he’d like to find a pen pal – anybody around, who could communicate with him? Ahmed, you need to find some people to speak to and then start. Then speak more and more, never give up. You’re in the right place!

Macrin lives in India, where she finds it difficult to score high marks at school. She’s a beginner who feels learning English is pleasurable. I wish you carry on like this Macrin. Although your time is limited, you spend a daily portion of it on studying for pleasure.

Vicky is very happy to join this club. She hopes she can visit this website frequently. “Let's make progress together!” she says. She’s a keen beginner, with a lot of time on her hands and she will always support our cause for promoting the English language.

Fiona loves travelling, can you tell? Indeed, who wouldn't enjoy surroundings like this one, fresh air, a blue sky and open spaces to let your gaze wonder?

She lives in China and she’s a beginner, with a little time on her hands but daily. She’s one of our lively students at Web. English will greatly improve her chances to travel abroad.

You could try to find many friends on this website and visit them in their countries, when you have an opportunity.

As a process engineer in China, Jessie will need English for work, but also for travelling. She wants to find a pen pal and start writing to him/her. Maybe she’ll write a website in the future – all my best wishes and I hope your English improves in time, to sustain that wonderful dream. We can help you learn how to build a website like this, without needing any programming skills!

Even loves English, but she’s afraid to speak out. She does wish to improve swiftly though and she hopes her confidence will grow exponentially. She’s a beginner, working on her English 4-5 hours per week, mainly for pleasure. Welcome to MEC!

Annie is a beginner. She is located in China and she studies English for 2-3 hours per week, for working purposes. I do hope this website is going to prove useful to you! Dare to communicate with other members and make friends.

Jay joined in early January this year and is interested in English for pleasure. With a little time a few times a week, he believes he is the only one in the world. Jay, you have lots of friends around – just dare to make the contact!

Elena wants to enjoy the life, as well as facing the challenge. She believes that “Music might be airy, but a sip is a must; knowledge might be power, but reading is a must; life might be unsatisfactory, but laughing is a must.” As an intermediate student, she studies for work and pleasure (travelling). She has a little time, but it is daily.

廖江苏 is a Chinese three-year student of Nursing school in KUNMING Medical University, who wants to pass the CET-6. She wants to improve her listening, speaking and writing skills. She is advanced in English and studies it for pleasure, travelling, as well as for passing her exam. She has a little time, once or twice per week to dedicate to English. Please feel free to communicate with other members on this website. Do you have an English name, or would you like to get one from us? If not, that’s OK as well, we'll figure out how to pronounce your name in Chinese.

Paulo is our most recent member. He comes from China and is a beginner in English. He enjoys my English Corner classes and I’m sure he would like it if anybody would get a conversation going on these pages. He’s studying English both for work and travelling and he’s also preparing to take an exam – taking exams is very common in China. He has a little time for studying, but at least he’s doing it daily.

Thomas also joined the Club in January this year, frustrated with his poor English. His dream is to speak English just as well as his first language – Chinese. His level is intermediate and he studies a little daily, for work and pleasure.

Karen joined in January, from China. She is currently at the intermediate level and she’s learning English for working purposes. She studies 2-3 hours per week. Hopefully you’ll find some good opportunities to communicate with some of our existing members.

Maybe Celia celebrated the Western New Year and maybe improving her English was a New Year resolution for her, as she joined My English Club in the early hours of the 1st January 2014 – she the first member of this year – Welcome, Celia! 

She classes herself as a beginner, a progressive beginner for that purpose, I dare say. Her interest in English is mainly for pleasure – travelling, to be more precise. She spends a good 4-5 hours per week studying and practicing. This is her new school:

She’s an optimistic and outgoing girl, based in China... well, not anymore, as she moved to New Zealand, to continue her studies in a high school over there. Hopefully we'll hear about your adventures soon!

You're a good example Celia, to all of us left behind: you've improved your English to the best of your abilities and then you went on applying it in real life, to build a bright future for yourself and your family - well done and good luck!

Shelly joined My English Club just as the year 2013 ended. She lives in China and she’s a beginner, looking forward to improve her English, both for work and for travelling. She spends 2-3 hours per week studying, which will be a great help to her career in the long term.

Shubha joined in mid-December 2013. She lives in India and is looking for opportunities to use her English with other interested members. She is advanced and only has a little time, but daily, so … let’s start the ball rolling! On 2 April 2014 she told us how, with a postgraduate degree and 10 years of work experience, she’s very passionate about the English language and how she loves teaching it. And, quite rightly so, “I will always be a student at heart because I know there's always more to learn somewhere.” She works online, correcting written assignments for students and she also works as freelance soft skills trainer. Everyone who would like to work with Shubha, please dare and step forward – let’s make this community work for us!

The end of November brought us a new member from Malaysia, Orish – welcome, indeed! At an intermediate level, she is studying English for work purposes and has a little bit of time daily.

Croker and Alice, from China, joined in October 2013. They are both at intermediate level and they’re working on their English more than 4-5 hours per week. They are both learning English for work, as well as pleasure purposes, however Croker would like to find a pen pal, or write on a website and Alice would like to travel in the world, where English is a necessary tool.

Alice likes travelling, swimming and… sleeping – nice one! Croker is inclined towards sports: he likes playing badminton and Ping-Pong and he’s an avid fan of tennis. If there’s anybody else out there, interested in playing sports with Croker, please write in.

Croker also likes watching American TV series. This Fluffy is great company for him, when practising English goes hand in hand with a good movie and some delicious snacks!

Another colleague of ours called Alice (also in China) joined the club as well! She’s a jolly beginner, always happy to join us at school and eager to improve her English.

Kwame joined MEC from Italy at the beginning of October 2013. He’s at intermediate level and studies English for work and for writing, but he’s also preparing for an exam. Please let us know Kwame, how can we help you. Which exam is it and when? Maybe 2-3 hours per week is a bit low for efficient practice, I recommend you spread your study time in tiny sessions every day. Please feel free to write in about yourself, or about something you are interested in – use your English with the other MEC members.  

Shirley is a member since last month, September 2013 and lives in China. She’s a beginner and doesn’t have a lot of time to study, but at least she’s doing it every day – well done! We are starting to have some activities for members based at the Web International English School in Suzhou – please come along when you can and practice your English with us. Otherwise, I recommend a lot of listening and writing exercises, to improve your English faster. When you listen to your material repeat it aloud – that’s good practice and it’ll raise your confidence level in a short time.

Also in June we were blessed with a new, dedicated member - Gung, from China. He studies a little every day, in order to enrich his life and to allow him to travel. English is his hobby and he counts himself as intermediate.

On the right are his beautiful wife and their twin daughters, who turned 13 on the 1st January 2014. Many Happy Returns, girls!

Sari and Jusmine also joined in September. Sari lives in Indonesia. She’s at advanced level and she’s learning English for work. She doesn’t have a lot of time for studying, but she’s working at it daily. Let’s see if we could persuade you to write to other club members on this website or to myself as well. Speaking for myself, I’d love to hear about life in Indonesia, let alone I’d like to be able to visit it in the future.

Jusmine lives in Myanmar and she works in a construction company. She is single and is the eldest daughter in her family. She spends more than 5 hours per weekly studying English for pleasure.  

June brought Devi to us, from India. Devi studies English for pleasure and is a beginner. I do hope you find the Club useful that we can create many opportunities to fortify your abilities.

Juana Mari comes from Spain and became a member in June 2013, hoping to find friends to practice her English with, as she’s preparing for her PET exam in October. She has been studying for 8 months and now she spends 2-3 hours per week on her English. Her goal is to achieve fluency, both in writing and speaking. She will then want to use if for travelling and in her work. You can read her letter here as well as my corrections, added at her request.

My name is Nancy. I come from China. I'm ten. I'm not tall. My hair is long. My best friend is Diana. She's wearing a gray coat in the picture. I'm wearing a red coat.

Nancy and Diana were both students at Aston English School, in Donghai, China. They would love to be able to write to other students learning English.

Their lively outgoing personalities, maybe a tad boisterous in class though, will help them a lot in finding friends and opportunities to use their English outside China - no doubt! We haven't heard from you for a long time! Drop us a line when you have a minute.

We started 2013 strongly, with 2 members joining within days of each other. Grace joined in January 2013, from Donghai, China. She’s a beginner and studies English for work, for pleasure and also for travelling. She’s got a little time, maybe once or twice per week – let’s see if we can interest her in spending more time with us, shall we?

Alan, from Brazil, also started as a member at the beginning of January. He’s intermediate and studies English for pleasure, although he only has a little time to dedicate to it.  

In November 2012 the first two members joined My English Club, at 1 month after my starting the website. Dina is a doctor in Sudan, who needs English for her work, but she’d also like to use it for pleasure, and find friends to communicate with. She loves English, but finds it difficult to speak it. As we all know, it’s practice that will allow us to improve and become fluent, so what we need is to organise some good events for us to talk and exchange more information about ourselves and our dreams and goals for our future.

Li is from China and he’s a beginner. He needs English for work, but he can only spend a little time daily, possibly by reading or talking to people.You can also write in, Li.

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