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My friends, welcome to your very own free and worldwide English conversation club! Thank you for your interest in my project of enlarging My English Club by meeting you and new members in person during 2015-16.

When I started this website, back in 2012, it looked like a big project and, indeed it still is! However, with love for English, dedication and many hours of hard work, you and I made it possible to grow into an online community of people who want to use their English in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

Ranking third in GOOGLE within the first two years!

Having taught myself how to build a website from scratch, with no previous programming experience whatsoever, I couldn't believe my eyes when I googled "My English Club" at the end of the second year of building this community and we came out third! Check it out for yourselves:

Consolidation plans for the near future

This is not a small achievement, but neither is it the end of the road for us. Right now, My English Club is a static teaching/learning English website, but I’m still searching for that magic which will tip it into a functional worldwide club – a meeting point for likeminded people. We want our club to be inviting, active and overall inspiring. We want it to be a lively community, where people not just learn English, but also make friends and communicate.

I believe in the concept of universal connectivity. This has been repeatedly verified and validated by a growing number of philosophers, spiritualists and scientists alike. More so was this possible in the last century, since various means of mass-communication allowed us to share ideas around the world.

We (humanity) are united in the spiritual dimension of life

I always shared this belief with everybody who came into my life – from the members of my own family, to my boyfriends, my ex-husband, true friends and ultimately my students.

I haven’t done it so far, but I'll share a collection of your messages of appreciation in this respect. Soon.

The plan is to build on what we have achieved so far and make our community a stronger one, a more proactive learning and working platform – one you can practically use to expand your life, by applying your linguistic skills and enlarging your contact portfolio.

It will be my mission to make this possible in as much as I am capable and I invite you to reciprocate my efforts. Contribute your thoughts, become active members of My English Club – don’t wait until it ‘becomes a big corporation’. Be the links in the golden chain of learning and collaborating.

You can start by introducing yourself in the comments section below:

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Our Archives:


Our lessons in the names and sounds of letters, short & long vowel sounds, CVCs, CCVCs, CVCCs, sight words, vowel and consonant contrasts, etc.


Our lessons will help increase your vocabulary, word recognition, find meaning in context, skills for TOEFL tests and other games, for fun.


Here we shall build some lessons to help you improve your writing skills.


Lots of lessons: cause & effect, comparisons, linking signals, relative clauses, presenting information, expressing emotions and grammar games, of course. We had more lessons on: intensifying adverbs and phrasal verbs, expressing various concepts such as addition, exception, restriction and ambiguity. Lately we started some exercises: likes/dislikes, frequency adverbs (twice), verb tenses, etc.

Website Building

Learn how to build a website, by using the SBI! system - start from the basics, developing a site concept and a niche, supply and demand, learn about profitability and monetization, payment processing, register domain, website structure and content as a pyramid. Also learn about the tools I'm using to build this website. We also covered how to build traffic, working with search engines, building a good system of inbound links, using social marketing and blogs with the SBI system, how to use Socialize It and Form Build It, how to publish an e-zine and how to build a social network in your niche

Our Weekly Game

We looked at a few games by now: Countable & uncountable nouns, Free Rice, Name That Thing, Spell It, Spelloween, the Phrasal Verbs Game, Preposition Desert, The Sentence Game, Word Confusion, Word Wangling, Buzzing Bees, and The Verb Viper Game.

Be prepared to play and learn  more pretty soon.