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The Big Seven of Whole Brain Teaching

The founders of Whole Brain Teaching have put together a selection of powerful teaching techniques that constantly use most of the brain areas, in order to keep the students engaged and 'alive' during the class. I use this term of 'alive' not as an antonym of 'asleep', but rather as a synonym of 'I feel I'm living this moment! I am present, I am alive!'

The core of 7 techniques was called The Big Seven:

  1. Class-Yes = The attention getter
  2. The Five Classroom Rules = The organiser
  3. Teach-OK= The whole brain activator
  4. The Scoreboard = The motivator
  5. Hands and Eyes = The focuser
  6. Mirror = The unifier
  7. Switch = The involver

It seems like too little to apply in order to keep students engaged, but the truth is that The Big Seven, applied effectively, creates a magical micro-cosm of fun, learning and sharing environment where students feel safe and engaged at all times. And that's not by force!

Remember that metaphor of life being a big theatre play? Well, this is it, in the classroom!

Comparison between traditional education techniques and WBT

Traditional class

  • When the teachers get talking and they go on and on and on, the students will lose interest or they'll lose the thread of the information to retain in a coherent manner. The teachers will always have the added hassle of trying to get the unatentive students back on track. This can go on all day long, during various classes - boring!

Whole Brain Teaching class

  • In WBT, when the teacher says 'Class' in a fun way, the students will stop whatever they're doing and say 'Yes', ready to receive new information. The teacher will then do a micro-teaching session and say 'Teach!'. The students will say 'OK!' and repeat to their neighbours what has been taught, in a natural, casual dialogue. Bingo!

Once the students achieve various levels of involvement, the teacher can give the deserving ones the role of a teacher, in the capacity of a student leader. This status is achieved by good performance, thus it will motivate more students to improve in certain aspects and get to that status as well.

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