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Before we go any further on the interviewing vocabulary, there is another aspect of using your English to help your company promote its products or services by using your writing skills.

Copywriting is the art of presenting your product information to the buying public in written materials including flyers, brochures, booklets or even e-books.

I am so enthusiastic about the way business is turning nowadays and the opportunities for being remarkably creative and making a difference in the world, that I feel I must dedicate a chapter to this flourishing aspect of work.

Think of the opportunity of becoming a copywriter for your company.  This is a part of marketing, more precisely on the sales generating side rather than the market research.

A copywriter is the person who writes or edits copy or written content for websites, sales letters, articles, and other documentation for information, entertainment, education purposes. Everything you read on billboards, in magazines and other promotional materials that highlights a product or a service is the ‘copy’ a copywriter produces for a living. You can find it in advertising, radio and TV, as well as the written media – arguably it has taken over our lives.

A more sophisticated term for this profession is ‘freelance commercial writer’, but whichever way you call it, this profession has been around since the world became literate. People always had to promote their goods.

There is a distinction between freelance commercial writers and freelance copywriters, who are entrepreneurs writing copy to make money and on the other hand, the copywriters who work on staff with companies and larger corporations, who are usually called ‘staff copywriters’.

Personally, I am more in favour of the freelance copywriting, since this would give me the treat of working in my own environment, at my chosen times (as long as I beat the deadline) and meeting clients will often include travelling, whether local or extensive.

If you are curious about this profession and how you could also prepare yourself to enter this creative field, please visit these pages in the future, for further mini lessons that will guide you around the maze of copywriting. 

Note: do not confuse ‘copywrite’ and ‘copyright’!

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