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Why traditional learning is painful
January 24, 2020


I wish the New Year of the Rat 2020, to be a very peaceful, lucrative and prosperous for all! May you stay healthy and get wealthy in 2020!

This newsletter will come to you out of the blue, but I am delighted to announce that a lot of good things will happen on this platform in 2020. I've been planning to release the news to you for a while by now, and I chose the Chinese New Year mark. Here's to your SUCCESS!

Those of you who started to read, learn and communicate around the world with my lessons in My English Club and are still with us... YOU are going to be pleasantly surprised by my plans to resume our learning activities and to re-design the entire website, making it mobile-friendly and with a clear structure of our courses.

If anybody mentions to you that they are interested in learning with us, please tell them they will be welcome, with my thanks. Of course, you can also unsubscribe at any point, by using the link at the end of any issue of the e-zine - no questions asked.

The HOT NEWS of the Day!

We are having an addition to our learning experience - my new course on Accelerated Learning, which will help you take your learning to new levels and also make it effortless, stress-free and much, much more effective.

This edition of our Newsletter is the first of five promotional messages and you will find the new addition to the website as well (see below, for links to the respective pages).

To save any confusion, I postpone the rest of the announcements and plans for revamping the website until after this promotion. For more information, I hope you can access the new dedicated Facebook page on Cruise Control Learning . So, without any further ado, here's the surprise:

Why traditional learning is painful

Does this sound familiar? Is this you, or… is this happening to your children?

You’re not good enough… A feeble thought in your mind whispers to you “I can’t study to get a good result”, you feel as if your wings have been clipped, since the only good marks you can get are by ticking the right boxes, in a limited line of choices, when you know there is more to your topic than this…

You’re bored… You wake up with a Groundhog Day vision of having to sit in that bench again, day after day, to take in some boring subjects from some boring teachers, through some boring methods, while obsessing over the mismatch between your studies and desired vocation.

Your self -interests are not aligned with school requirements and there’s no way out – it’s their way or the highway!

You’re desperate and overwhelmed… You are really struggling to keep track of all the information coming towards you from different directions when you’re actually suffering from learning difficulties and you’re confused!

Is this the story of your life?

You know, when you need to learn your lesson or do your homework and you have too much to delve into, with no idea what it’s all about and it’s very confusing! Maybe you don’t understand the requirements, or you just find the whole thing boring and useless! So… you tend to skip the studying and do something else.

The solution is not far!

All the pieces are in place, you should be able to just work with them, yet… a big piece is missing.

An essential piece that you don't even know you need.

And without that piece?

Nothing you do could or would work well.

That most important piece of all is ...


Release your struggles and get to focus – easier said than done, I know, but… a Possible Mission, nevertheless!

That’s where my Master System comes in handy.

I helped people cope with their learning from my early age of 7!

I was popular with other parents in town, for doing homework together with my classmates.

I liked the attention (my parents didn’t offer it…), so I persevered throughout my secondary school and high school, doing the pull up coaching with my best friends.

After that, I became a teacher. This is when I realised the harms created by the educational system and the valid problems encountered by so many youngsters.

This applies to all stages – K-12 to college and university!

The one MOST VALUABLE lesson I’ve learned, about how to beat the odds… is very simple:

~ It’s all about YOU, the learner! ~

I often questioned why I could learn well and my colleagues couldn’t. But when the job was done, the truth is that… they could!

Then, I started to look into what was the difference between me and my friends.

Let me share the biggest secret I discovered during our peer-coaching situations. My simple findings are confirmed by renowned psychologists and educationists at least in the past half-century or so:

MASTER KEY 1: Mental and physical relaxation

The truth is:

- When you learn how to relax at will, your mind will soak your lesson in effortlessly, like children do naturally;

- When you can co-ordinate your body with your mind, you will stop any distractions and the learning blocks will melt.

As a student and a teacher, I had the opportunity to research this matter, which led me to discovering three more Keys for the learning process.

And, together, these four Keys are making all the difference for me, my students and my tribe, allowing me to help more than 1,000 students around the world to optimise their learning, while I was teaching in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

And most importantly, I could really help people to transform their lives and realise their true mental potential.

Now I want to give these 4 Keys to you. As a pre-booking bonus, here is a document revealing the most powerful breathing techniques that are crucial for achieving dynamic relaxation.

If you're dedicated to taking your mind seriously, take your learning to the next level of success and impact, and want to find an "easier" way to do it... then I invite you to join me on my Cruise Control Learning Masterclass!


(IMPORTANT: This payment is made through PayPal and the course fee is charged through my business InfoSympho, registered in Scotland, U.K.)

I look forward to reveal the FOUR masterkeys to unlocking your massive and dependable learning potential.

I've never shared these keys before and I'm super-excited to share this secret with you!

If you are in charge of your child’s daily learning activities, book your representative – e.g. nanny, au-pair or childminder.

You can lock in tickets at the "Early Bird" price of just £197 until Friday 31 January 2020, at midnight GMT (£300 OFF the normal price after the beta version of the course!)

Grab your ticket now and join a transformational community of Super Learners committed to awaken their subtle energy and learn the balancing routines for living and learning with INNER PEACE.

Remember you have until midnight 31 January 2020 to grab your ticket at this special price.


(IMPORTANT: This payment is made through PayPal and the course fee is charged through my business InfoSympho, registered in Scotland, U.K.)

It will be an honour to meet you on this breakthrough Masterclass!


Lucia da Vinci

Founder of InfoSympho

Your teacher for Cruise Control Learning Masterclass

P.S. I prepared a bonus lesson for you, on Breathing Techniques - as a component of dynamic relaxation. Enjoy!

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