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Happy New Year of the Tiger to YOU!
January 31, 2022

New Year re-connection announcement and a quick ask

Lucia here, with a warm wish for a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Have a great Spring Holiday if you are based in China and for the rest of us in the whole world, enjoy a new beginning - the Year of the Tiger!

I hope you kept a positive mindset during the worst of this pandemic and I wish you and your families are able to celebrate this New Year together, as always.

Last year, I promised you a complete revamp of My English Club website. Due to health difficulties last year, I was unable to attend to the changes as planned. This year, I wish to announce that the change will happen, but before I start to take down the present lessons and replace them with courses based on a subscription, let me offer you the chance to continue to enjoy the resources, as a token of thanks for your loyalty during the years.

The website will change altogether and my approach to learning English will be focusing on the transformation that your knowledge of English is making in your life. I am eager to learn about your progress and more importantly, how your learning has helped your professional plans since we parted ways a few years ago.

I also wish to know if your learning has helped some of you in assisting your children, family members or students with their learning.

Would you help me make it better for you? I’d like to know your views, so please help me by answering a few questions on this form: Cruise_Control_Learning.html .

I waited for a couple of weeks before sending you this message because I wanted to to send you an invitation to a free 1:1 consultation session with me, from my new coaching platform opening this week. We can then re-connect and I'm looking forward to hear your news lately.

For me, I am happy to announce that I am REALLY close to wrapping up my long-awaited training programme for stressless and effective learning. I will be releasing it early next week. But before I do, I wish to better understand your specific needs as a learner (or those of your child, if that’s the case). I can then ask you the questions directly.

Please keep an eye on the next email from me before this Thursday and I hope you will accept my invitation to the new events - they are free to attend and joyful to participate in!

For now, let's enjoy the Festive Season tonight and prepare for a wonderful New Year of the Tiger!

Keep learning and keep in touch.

With love, Lucia

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