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Issue #010 -- Week 07/07/14-13/07/14
July 16, 2014

Greetings and general information

Hello everybody and welcome to our new subscribers, both from Web and from other countries in the world!

You and your friends can subscribe individually through the form on If anybody mentions to you that they are interested in receiving it, please tell them this - many thanks. Also, they can read the previous issues on

Yet again, I am sorry to disappoint you with such a long delay in sending out this issue. A lot of things happened since we saw each other last time and the roller-coaster hasn't stopped rolling so far. I am still awaiting for events to take place and for decisive facts to unfold, before a final decision can be taken as to the next step in my work, as well as in life. Nevertheless, our e-zine must continue to be issued, and this tenth issue brings you the developments of the past week, as follows:

7 - 13 July 2014 - A Challenging Week, to Say the Least!

It was great to see you all at our leaving party on Saturday 5 July in Suzhou. I hope I could take proper goodbyes from all of you, my friends, in-between the overwhelming photo requests every second minute or so. I am still waiting for more pics to be forwarded to me - please do so when you have a minute. I left myself in your hands by not using my camera much, but I hope you'll be generous enough to share your pictures with me. Otherwise... your faces will be the ones to be forgotten, not mine :-)

My life took an unexpected turn at that party, as a result of discussions about a British company that would have space for me to work with them in developing some of their educational projects in China. I felt I had to look into this, before making my way to Saudi Arabia, so I pursued this alternative to-date. Everything after that point followed in a roller-coaster manner, taking up all my waking moments... and more!

Without going into the details of it, the week swept me off my feet, from a preliminary interview on Sunday evening, after my classes [lucky Paulo and Sheridan, who had my last ever class at Web Suzhou this year], to fact finding exploratory visits and various other interviews in China, to culminate with a meeting at the company's headquarters today, Wednesday 16 July.

For all this to happen, I had to postpone my flight by one week, at the CEO's request and I finally made it to London yesterday, but not without other unexpected adventures! Sometimes I wonder how life can challenge even the toughest people but, as they say 'all is well when it ends well'.

My first challenge yesterday was that the coach from Suzhou to Pudong Airport in Shanghai is no longer working on the route I was given (through LeQiao), so I found myself needing help in finding a good alternative for this, at 7am on Monday, having slept 4 hours due to my last-minute packing and cleaning my house.

I made it to the airport in time and I had to wait 2 hours before my check-in, when the second emotional bomb of the day exploded in my face: they wouldn't allow me to check-in without producing an entry visa for Vietnam before the check-in point was due to close within one hour! My travel agents haven't warned me of this necessity when they changed my ticket, which means more complaints and hassle will follow after my meeting priorities will be met in a couple of days.

I could have arranged for the visa on-line, only if China wouldn't block my access to the respective sites... again!! Luckily, I have a capable brother, who was able to step in instantly, and be my right hand in this emergency situation. I got the confirmation for a visa-on-arrival 8 minutes AFTER the check-in point had closed! They let me run for the plane, lumbering both my suitcases through the passport control and security check at Pudong, then to gate 70, which seemed the longest run I've done in my whole life.

I had to keep my cool and not waste time when the security guards decided to open my 'checked-in' luggage, to look for the old battery of my laptop and asked me to take it out of that suitcase and carry it in the hand-luggage instead. I challenge you all to dig into your brains for a logical reason for this. Both suitcases were to travel on the same plane, and this battery was unacceptable to travel in one suitcase, but it was all right to travel in the other one... This beats me and I think that one day it would be fun to start up a list of similar 'ill logical' examples of 'Chinese logic'. Does this latter concept exist, or is it defunct by now? One thing is for sure - it is not in line with the 21st century in which we're living.

When I finally arrived at my friend's apartment in London, I was knackered. We had a serious discussion about my professional alternatives, we had lunch and then I went to bed at 1:30pm until 12:30am today. Dizzy as I felt, I continued my sleep until 4am, and I am now ready to function again, hence my e-zine to you as a first priority.

This is it, my friends!

This is all the news I have for you so far. I'm sorry I kept the unexpected extra week in Suzhou undisclosed, but I had to fully concentrate on the daily tasks, as you can imagine.

If the opportunity in China becomes a reality, I shall be based in Suzhou, so there will be plenty of chances to meet again and enjoy many precious moments together - which we haven't done much so far.

If, on the other hand, the job in Saudi Arabia turns out to be the preferred alternative after all the negotiations, then you should rest assured that all I promised so far with regard to keeping in touch with you and organising the on-line courses I mentioned previously will still happen.

The result and final decision will be published in the next issue of our English Corner E-zine, so keep reading my friends, keep reading.

Let me bring to your attention a really good film I watched on the plane. It's called "Her" and it is about a single writer who is having an affair with his own consciousness, which then becomes the consciousness of the whole humanity - an intriguing idea that captivated me deeply. It's worth owning this film and watching it again, in order to understand all the underlying thoughts. I thoroughly recommend it!

OK, I wish you all a great week ahead and I look forward to updating you on the next developments. Have fun in the meanwhile!

Lucia da Vinci

Founder of My English Club

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